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Haden Adds New Chiller Energy Efficiency & Diagnostics Technology


Haden has entered into a preferred supplier agreement with Efficiency Technologies Australia Pty Ltd (EffTec) to distribute EffTrack.

EffTrack is the only web-based chiller management program that provides in-depth, around-the-clock engineering analysis, the costs of chiller inefficiencies and immediate recommendations for correcting those inefficiencies. It is a breakthrough development offering a direct approach to streamlined chiller performance measurement.

“Closely managing the performance of equipment is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption and running costs,” said David Rafter, Chief Executive of Norfolk’s Mechanical division.

“Haden has entered into a preferred supplier agreement with EffTec because we believe it is paramount to be at the forefront of offering sustainable solutions to our customers and EffTrack helps us achieve this,” Mr Rafter said.
On average, using the EffTrack tool can result in substantial energy savings, typically 15-20%. This increased efficiency leads to greater reliability and allows the customer to focus their maintenance spending on specific areas as opposed to routine preventative issues.

“It is well known that on average, commercial chillers run less than 1% of their time at full load,” explains Mark Dredge, Haden Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS) Manager.

“EffTrack can be used to track and predict the performance of a chiller at all load profiles allowing Haden to assist customers to run their chillers as efficiently as possible. This can help to reduce running costs, CO2 output and reduce the potential for un-scheduled down time.”

EffTrack provides Haden service technicians with the capability to benchmark the performance of a chiller before starting a maintenance contract with a new customer. For existing customers it can also offer solutions on how to improve the efficiency of their chillers. 

Richard Nicholson
Divisional Sales Manager

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