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National Key Accounts

As a national service provider with customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, our customers require accurate and timely information about the performance of their HVAC & R systems.

National customers with their wide geographical spread, require up-to-date information that provides a complete picture of their service at any time. Our National Key Accounts team delivers the focused service and robust systems that are essential in responding to the performance and service levels required by these customers.

Taking the time to understand our customers' needs has assisted Haden in developing a number of innovations to support these expectations.

Our Australian National Call Centre established in 1999 provides a single point of contact for customers to log, track and report on calls. Centralised invoicing and financial reporting allow us to provide immediate answers to your service enquiries.

The integration of innovative technological solutions to help streamline job tracking and invoicing used by all service technicians to record and report on work via Bluetooth technology.

A dedicated relationship manager committed to resolving and communicating issues as they arise, and reviewing our processes to improve the way the contract is fulfilled.